Dr. Mary Giella Elementary School is located in Shady Hills, Florida. We are identified as one of the schools in Pasco County’s Northwest Region. Our school opened 24 years ago and is proud to provide a quality education to our students by employing highly qualified teaching staff, as well as dedicated support staff to create the best learning environment possible. MGES is a technology rich environment and provides the latest and greatest technology for classroom engagement. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow together as a school community.

The students and staff worked diligently last year to bring our school grade up and we are proud to announce that all of our hard work paid off! Mges was one of only 3 elementary schools in Pasco County to see their grade go up! This is a huge accomplishment with shifts in the county as well as the increase of the rigor as we rolled out the implementation of Common Core State Standards. This year our staff will continues to learn and adjust as we transition into the Florida Core State Standards. Our dedicated staff along with our AMAZING students are on a journey towards EXCELLENCE and will continue to learn and grow together! Please contact your child’s teacher or our Administration to visit our campus and see the great things happening here!

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